Proactive Recruiting


Proactive Recruiting


Metronome understands the changing face of the government contracting industry and the need for companies to execute projects on-time and under-budget. Budgets are tightening and IDIQ and Task Order contracts are becoming standard. These vehicles present further challenges for many companies, because they simply can't compete in short order; putting proposals together and finding quality resources in a few short weeks or days.


Qualified resources that have the proper security clearances are imperative to complete projects successfully and on time. These resources are hard to find, let alone engage and have ready for new and surge requirements in short order. While other companies are scrambling to create the ability to effectively recruit and retain resources in their organizations, Metronome’s staffing model, processes and database of pre-interviewed, vetted candidates allow Metronome to onboard talent quicker than most.

This quick response, proactive recruiting model is yet another added discriminator that gives Metronome the ability to Keep Projects Pulsing.



Proactive Recruiting Services:

  • Proactive recruiting model that rewards top recruiters
  • Quickly responds to new and surge requirements, large or small
  • Understands resource needs at all security levels
  • Train to solicit referrals continuously
  • Access to all major job boards
  • Trains and re-trains team members how to recruit the Metronome Way
  • Recruiting is at a line level, not a function of HR

Keeping Projects Pulsing